Tri-Mid Ranch - Andrews County

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9,000 Acres Tri-Mid Ranch West Texas Hunting Lease – Andrews

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Lease Summary

Lease ID4917
Acreage9042 acres
Lease Period1 Year
Located on1 parcel of land
Max Hunters6

Property Detail

MeansBow, Rifle, Shotgun
GameDeer, Exotics, Feral Hogs, Migratory Birds, Quail, Small Game, Turkey
Water Holes
TreesNo woods
Landscape - TerrainOpen, Flat
VehiclesTrucks and Cars, ATVs permitted, RVs and campers allowed
Adjacent ToResidence(s), Farm land

Property Description

Lease Price: $120,000/year

Tri-Mid Ranch is situated in Andrews and Ector Counties, between the communities of Andrews and Odessa. Access is provided by a paved county road. The Tri-Mid Ranch has historically been operated as a cattle ranch, with additional income generated through oil and gas exploration surface damages, and more recently, saltwater disposal.

The native grass turf on the Tri-Mid Ranch reflects that grazing has been somewhat restricted in recent months. Although drought conditions persist in this region of Texas, the ranch has a decent amount of grass. Mesquite is considered to be generally sparse, however, some areas of the ranch have a thicker canopy of brush to provide cover for wildlife.

The Tri-Mid Ranch is fenced and cross-fenced into approximately 6 main pastures and traps. Fences appear to be in good overall condition and construction is generally of cedar post and t-post-construction.

Property improvements include a ranch house, several barns and outbuildings, a set of shipping/working pens, and several traps. Overall, it appears that the ranch improvements are in good working condition.

The ranch is considered to be well watered. Livestock and wildlife waterings are comprised of approximately 6 operating windmills, one solar water well, and an electric water well located at the ranch headquarters. Overall, windmill and water trough installations appear the be in good working condition. Several of the windmill locations have overflow dirt tanks which are excellent dove hunting locations.

The commercial water rights have been severed from the property, but full domestic water rights are intact and will be conveyed with the property.

The Tri-Mid Ranch is a proposed CREZ (Competitive Renewable Energy Zone) project location. Various transmission, interconnection, wind resource, species, and other impact and environmental studies have been completed; in addition, the FAA has issued a No Impact determination. There are three meteorological towers on-site with heights of 50 meters, 60 meters, and 100 meters. Wind data has been continuously collected since July 2007 with data collections at all three towers currently ongoing.

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