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1000 acre Spring Turkey Hunts Victoria

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Lease Summary

Lease ID3450
Acreage1000 acres
Lease Period3 Days
Located on1 parcel of land
Max Hunters3
Property OwnerShawn Campbell

Property Detail

MeansBow, Shotgun
Water HolesSmall pond, Dry creek, Flowing creek
TreesHeavily wooded
Landscape - TerrainPasture
UtilitiesElectricity, Water, Plumbing
VehiclesTrucks and Cars, ATVs permitted
FacilitiesDeer blinds, Tree stands, Deer feeders
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Property Description

Spring Turkey Hunt Self Guided
River Bottom
Minimum2 hunters/Maximum 3 hunters
3-4 day hunt
$1500/hunter/ non hunting guests can stay for additional $125
2 birds each
Includes lodging
Bring your own food and gear