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Whitetail Deer, Axis, Aoudad, Pigs, Dove, Turkey Hunt on 6,440 acres South of Sonora

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Lease Summary

Lease ID3452
Acreage6440 acres
Lease Period1 Year
Located on1 parcel of land
Max Hunters6
Property OwnerShawn Campbell

Property Detail

MeansBow, Rifle, Shotgun
GameDeer, Exotics, Feral Hogs, Quail, Turkey
TreesModerately wooded
Landscape - TerrainPasture
UtilitiesElectricity, Water, Plumbing

Property Description

This property has 6,440 acres just South of Sonora (Sutton County).
The property has lodging for the hunters.
Price $4/acre = $25,760 per year plus your feed cost
Whitetail Deer, Axis, Aoudad, Pigs, Dove, Fall Turkey (no Spring Turkey)
The ranch runs sheep and goats.
Note: This ranch was affected by Anthrax 2 years ago. Looking for a group of management-minded hunters to grow the deer as the population recovers. Whitetail harvest will be minimal at first. This is the reason the lease rate is so low. The rate will go up over time as the whitetail population recovers. Axis, Aoudad, and Pigs were not affected.

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