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Herring Ranch

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Lease Summary

Lease ID799
Acreage20000 acres
Lease Period1 Year
Located on1 parcel of land
Max Hunters6
Property OwnerC.C. Burgess

Property Detail

MeansBow, Rifle
GameDeer, Small Game, Turkey
Water HolesSmall pond
TreesHeavily wooded, Sparsely wooded
Landscape - TerrainOpen, Rolling
UtilitiesElectricity, Water, Plumbing
VehiclesTrucks and Cars, ATVs permitted, RVs and campers allowed
FacilitiesCamping areas, Existing RV on property, Deer feeders
Adjacent ToResidence(s), Creek drainages, Oil rigs

Property Description

Herring Ranch in Hutchinson County, near Stinnett, Texas

Herring Ranch is located 5 miles South of Stinnett, Herring Ranch is open to seasonal hunting.
The price of the lease is dependent upon pasture size and number of guests.

The lease price is based on the number of deer, which is $1,750 per deer.

This land is prime for excellent deer hunting. It has not been hunted on for the last 4 years.

The land has a mixture of heavy trees to prairie land along with several ponds with windmills.

There are 12-feeders on the property.