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San Saba – 5,300 Acres Hunting Lease

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Lease Summary

Lease ID4539
Acreage5300 acres
CountySan Saba
Lease Period1 Year
Located on2 parcels of land
Max Hunters5
Property OwnerShawn Campbell

Property Detail

MeansBow, Rifle, Shotgun
GameDeer, Feral Hogs, Migratory Birds, Turkey
Water HolesSmall lake, Large pond, Small pond, Dry creek
TreesHeavily wooded, Moderately wooded
Landscape - TerrainRolling, Hilly, Pasture
UtilitiesElectricity, Water, Plumbing
VehiclesTrucks and Cars, ATVs permitted
FacilitiesBunkhouse, Deer blinds, Tree stands, Deer feeders
Adjacent ToRiver(s)

Property Description

4,100 acres High Fence/ 1,200 acres Low fence
Nice lodging
Walk-in cooler
Shooting Range
5-6 Members Maximum
Guests Allowed
Whitetail, Turkey, Hogs, Dove
12 blinds and feeders plus protein feeders (Ranch maintains and pays for all feed cost and maintenance.)
Price: $120,000 per year

Access is from September to Mid-May

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