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Three Stand Ranch 1

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Lease Summary

Lease ID427
Acreage80 acres
Lease Period1 Year
Located on1 parcel of land
Max Hunters1
Property OwnerThree Stand Ranch

Property Detail

MeansBow, Rifle, Shotgun
GameDeer, Exotics, Feral Hogs, Small Game, Turkey
TreesModerately wooded, Sparsely wooded
Landscape - TerrainOpen, Flat, Pasture
VehiclesTrucks and Cars, ATVs not permitted, RVs and campers not allowed
FacilitiesDeer blinds, Tree stands
Adjacent ToFarm land

Property Description

There are still a few available spots left for the $2,500 fee.
The lease is for whitetail season. At this time, there are 2 blinds left available.
The fee includes 1 buck, and 2 does.
It also includes 3 hogs, additional hogs are $75 each.
Unlimited varmints (coons, opossum, coyote, dillos).

This is for day use, no overnight stays, including campers, RV’s, or tents.
No ATV’s, Mules, Gators, off road stuff. It’s easy enough to drive/walk relatively close.
This doesn’t mean you can’t arrive early prior to dawn and leave after sunset, you just can’t stay overnight.
You have to stay overnight at the local Best Western or an AirBnB.

There is NO work needed by the hunters.
We fill and maintain the feeders throughout the year, as well as maintaining the blinds and stands.
As far as family friendly, you can bring 1 youth guest or gun (17 or younger). They would have additional an fee for whitetails $500 for a buck, $200 for each for whitetail doe. Their 1st hog is free.